We're not overly sporty, but we do try to keep fairly fit. As you can see from travels we've been skiing a few times.
Graham has been before- with school- which is how a front tooth got chipped.

If you ski you'll know that straightening your legs at the top of a mogul is bad. You may not know, however, that it's possible to hit yourself in the face with a ski, while they're both still firmly attached to your feet.

Also we're both getting into rock climbing, we've been climbing indoor at the local leisure centre for a couple of years now, and keep meaning to go to a real rock face. Graham couldn't resist the temptation to buy some bolt on holds, and bung them on the garage wall! Not fantastic, but good for a quick work out. Check out Rockworks in links if you're interested.
The bolt ons aren't in the garage anymore, because we've moved. Well, that's not quite true, they are in the garage at the new place, it's just that they're on the workbench in a box. I won't be climbing on them there, now will I?

The photo's below are from our new local leisure centre, which conveniently also has a climbing wall. It's actually better than the previous one, not so high, but more realistic.


Graham climing a crack

Graham doing a lay-back

Climbing an overhang

It might not look it, but that's an overhang

About to fall off an overhang.

See, an overhang.
No, I didn't stay on it much longer!


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